‘Words do two major things: they provide food for the mind and create light for understanding and awareness’
Jim Rohn

What makes a translation ‘good’?

It’s reasonable to expect that a qualified translator will choose the right words and apply the rules of grammar correctly. Yet translation involves so much more than that: a translator must understand the context, bridge the cultural gap and find solutions for seemingly untranslatable phrases. Translation also means weighing and testing words and stylistic elements. A good translation is faithful to the original, easy and pleasant to read and tailored to the specific intended audience. A good translation, written in flawless Dutch, ensures your text will achieve its aim, i.e. prompt the reader to action. That is the kind of translation you’re after – and it’s precisely the kind of translation NoviTekst will supply. In other words, it will be a text appropriate to your line of work. My name is Christine van Hulst, and my line of work is translation, proofreading and editing.

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Correct Dutch and correct English

Impeccable, error-free texts are a credit to your company’s professionalism, while an appropriate writing style and the correct tone-of-voice help you reach the audience you have in mind. As a language professional, I recognise pitfalls I encounter in written texts, both in Dutch and in English. Effective communication demands actively formulated and error-free texts. I’m happy to provide advice in this regard.

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