About NoviTekst

My name is Christine van Hulst. I’m a professional English to Dutch translator and have been running my own translation business, NoviTekst, since 2018. I completed a higher professional degree in English Translation at ITV Hogeschool voor Tolken en Vertalen while working as an export account manager in the food sector. In late 2018, I resigned from this position to go into business as a freelance NL-EN translator. Language, when used correctly, can elicit a wide range of emotions and prompt others to action. Working with languages and language-related challenges is my passion and what I’m happiest doing. It’s what motivates me, time and again, to take on the challenge of delivering the best possible translation.

From account manager in the food export business to culinary translator
The idea of a culinary specialisation emerged during my studies, when I realised the extent of my expertise with regard to food, food products for retail and wholesale markets and cooking techniques. I spent twenty years corresponding with the head chefs of four-star hotels in India, helped Dutch products arrive on the shelves of Middle Eastern supermarkets and spent time everyday sourcing products with names I was unable to pronounce. When my search was successful, and I was able to get that product on a plane to the destination country, it was a small personal triumph. I’ve carried those experiences, together with my passion for high-quality products, with me onto my new career path as a translator.

Continuing education
Despite the lobbying efforts of translation trade organisations, the right to practice translation is not yet protected by law. Until such legislation is passed, anyone who cares to try their hand at translation can call themselves a translator. Translation, however, is a serious profession and only those with a degree in translation are eligible to be sworn. Choosing a sworn translator means you can rest assured not only of professional integrity in their work, but a high standard of quality as well. This is because sworn translators like myself are required to pursue continuing education and training – which is why I can guarantee that your translation (whether sworn or not) is in good hands with me.

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